We want to help keep West Virginia and our country that way! We desire to keep our followers alert to our freedoms, to policies or events that might infringe upon those freedoms and to rally together to lift our voices in action to protect those freedoms lawfully.

Montani semper liberi

We believe that everyone should have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without government interference.

By working together we can ensure we have a collective voice and actions to effect change in our government to prevent our freedoms from being infringed upon. We can effect change in our laws, in our state constitution so that no Governor is ever again allowed to make executive orders with no expiration without consulting legislature or having to answer to anyone.

54% fewer businesses open in April. Stats you never hear our Governor speak of.

We hear from our governor daily, since this whole ordeal started back in March. Almost 2 months of daily updates. We hear the number of Covid cases and deaths, rarely does he touch on recoveries. What we don’t hear about is how many people have lost their jobs and are now unemployed, or how long they have or are still waiting for unemployment money to start. We don’t hear about how many more families are homeless. We don’t hear about how many more children or women are suffering from abuse not that they are stuck at home with zero relief from their abusers. What we don’t hear him talk about is how many businesses he has permanently put out of business with his tyrant orders. What we don’t hear is how he is only allowing businesses to reopen on a minimal scale which also means minimal income, which, in most cases, is not even to sustain their overhead let alone help them survive. What we don’t hear him talk about is the increased suicides, both adult and juvenile, or the increase addictions, or the fact that people don’t have access to support groups that help keep them sober, or how home confinement people haven’t seen their officers in over 2 months and many will be testing positive upon their return. We don’t hear him talk about the disgusting, total disregard for the 99.997% of our population (which is the majority and the REAL Pandemic)! Join us Saturday 5/16 at noon on the Capitol steps to help us let Governor Justice know that WE THE PEOPLE, disapprove of how he has decided to take the freedoms of the people for something that hasn’t even affected 1% of our population.

Bloomberg and John Hopkins

OK, I’ve only been to Johns Hopkins twice in my life; once when my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and the other when my mother had a spot on her lung. Needless to say my mind and worries were focused elsewhere. Thanks to my government I now have spare time on my hand to research where our governors are getting their input from, because we know it’s not from their citizens or our elected lawmakers. So I’ve been watching some of these governor organization sites and it’s very frightening at how apparent it is of the agenda on these sites. Here is the link to a governors guide to the Covid19 pandemic from the NGA.org site.

If that isn’t frightening enough, here is the link to a document on Johns Hopkins University website all about contact tracing (also see HR6666 that was recently introduced in the US House of representatives). You’ll note that the name on the document shows Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. So in case you didn’t know before whose money is behind Johns Hopkins and their interests in this national “pandemic” we want to make sure you know it’s Michael Bloomberg. The same Bloomberg that would love to take your 2A rights among other freedoms. according to bizjournals.com, more than half of Hopkins‘ voluntary funding total came from a single alumnus donor: businessman, philanthropist and 2020 presidential hopeful Michael BloombergHopkins reported the record $1.8 billion gift.