American Veteran

A veteran and business owner from California, Ashli Babbit. Never forget the name. As a veteran, I can tell you I saw MANY veterans in the crowd of protesters. I can tell you many veterans are fed up with what’s going on in this country. These people that gathered peacefully for, the most part, more than once now, were certainly not burning businesses and shooting up innocent civilians and business owners as we have seen too many times over the past few years. They did not wait until cover of the night like we have seen other crowds do for several years now! Will you see enraged white veterans looting and burning, now enraged over the death of a citizen that once took an oath to defend the same constitution the cop that shot her took!? Probably not! But we should see veterans and freedom loving people gathering in support of what Ashli Babbit was in Washington to support. Make no mistake, that gathering was about freedom, democracy, our republic! Our people see it failing. When our legislators refuse to even take up an investigation into the hundreds of witnesses accounts and numerous pieces of evidence of fraud, when they refuse to hear the voices of over the half the nation, when calls and emails and letters and votes no longer seem to matter, then you have a whole lot of people filled with despair looking for new ways to get their voices heard. Seems to work for the other side huh? When our republic is no longer looking like a republic, freedom loving people start to feel like their entire foundation is being ripped from them. When criminals shot by cops bring outrage but an innocent veteran, citizen, doing absolutely NOTHING violent gets shot for being in the hallway of our capital (a public building by the way) and our representatives label them as rioters, terrorists, thugs, but the real criminals being shot by police are given millions and a heroes send off after days and weeks of destruction of businesses and neighborhoods from looters and rioters burning and beating and killing, there is something wrong in this country! When our media and corrupt politicians call thugs that were shot by cops, because they were running from cops or otherwise resisting cops orders, heroes; but, a woman standing in the hall of the capital unarmed, non threatening, isn’t even given so much as a demand or warning (I watched the live video) and is shot and killed and our politicians continue to demean the people of this country and discard why this woman traveled clear across the country to be there! They let BLM paint (destruct) public property by painting BLM all over public streets. They present a folded flag and millions to the family of a THUG with a rap sheet quite long that was killed resisting arrest (whether it was a valid shooting or not is another debate); yet these patriots in DC yesterday were labeled as terrorist, thugs and rioters by our elected officials. (I use the word elected lightly because that is really hard to believe at this point.) So what our elected officials all over the country have been telling us over the past 4 years is that rioting and burning down cities is fine……IF your skin is a certain color. AND they only care about people shot by cops IF the victims skin was a certain color and the cops skin was a certain color. We have watched rioters break and loot thousands of businesses in cities all over the country. We watched rioters be allowed to take over a whole town in Washington while the leaders stood by and LET THEM! Leaders stood by and watched and ALLOWED their whole city to be destroyed, burneed, robbed, homes and businesses taken over and looted, by THUGS, police headquarters taken over and looted with the blessing of leaders! They were PRAISED by leaders. They were cheered on by politicians! But when the quiet, hard working patriots of this country get tired and fed up with everything our politicians are throwing at them, when they peacefully gather by the hundreds of thousands repeatedly over the years, when politicians continually abuse their power and condone actual illegal actions but refuse to give a very large, if not a majority, of citizens even the time of day, there’s something foundationally wrong in this country. It should not matter what political side you are on, you should know our country, as we know it, is in dire danger of falling from within. You should also realize that the political leaders in congress and all over the states and cities across America have been fueling and fanning the flames hard these past 4 years. Politicians have used citizens as pawns to achieve their sickening agendas while they get richer and you pay for it! They will do anything they can to stop anyone that tries to interfere with them getting more control, power and money. Now they have control of all 3 branches of government and can pass any agenda they want. They have already shown us how they can take your jobs, your businesses, your pursuit of liberty and happiness, your ability to be by the side of your aging family members or dying loved ones. Why in the world do elected public servants ever think its ok to tell a person they can’t see their aging mom in a nursing home; or open a business they worked their whole life to build yet, praise rioters that are upset because a paler skin cop shot a black man?! Even more important, why does any AMERICAN ask Government to rule them like a tyrant over a virus that has only affected a miniscule percentage of people compared to our total population! Why would anyone think a politician could make better choices for their lives than they themselves can?! Its insanity to think paid community servants – which is what politicians are…your employees….could make better choices for you and your family than you can, or that they care more about you or your family than you do. It’s absurd! As I wrap this up, I know we will see more footage of what went on at DC, I know I saw live footage of people entering the capital and I have seen media and politicians twist the narrative to something it wasn’t. I also seen people in the crowd that certainly didnt “look” like “trump supporters” or patriots. I KNOW Anti#Fa and B L M had people bussed in just like they did in Charleston WV. I know people are fed up in this country and our politicians need to acknowledge that instead of praising the actual thugs that repeatedly destroy our country and condemning the backbone of america that keeps the economy going. Our politicians need to know that the people are well aware of just how deep the corruption runs in our government. Our politicians need to know that tossing crumbs to freedom loving people while sending trillions to other countries doesn’t sit well. Our politicians need to know that term limits can solve a majority of whats wrong on capital hill and the people know it and want that to happen! Our politicians should know that they have the full attention and watchful eye of the silent majority and we are watching and waiting for you to do the right thing; but as you can tell, not everyone is ok with waiting any longer for our elected officials to stand up for the people they represent! Cut the puppet strings and stop the scripts! Stop taking our country down from within! Meanwhile, china is readying their armies! The story reads:”Those nearby were shocked and attempted to help her, including armed police officers who called out an alert of an active shooter and performed first aid.”An armed cop was literally standing right behind this woman trying to figure out who was shooting. If she was doing something worthy of being shot, the cop right next to her would have probably been the one shooting wouldn’t you think? The man that shot her was at least twice her weight and could have easily detained her. Instead her family gets to mourn the loss. She was a loyal patriot until her last breath, standing up for the constitution, liberty and freedom to the end. May we all say a prayer for her family and never forget her name. (We are certainly not condoning violence. We are merely pointing out that violence has been exactly what has taken place in cities all across our country with actual burning, looting, shooting and other types of illegal actions and politicians and leaders praise those people but when protesters “push” their way into a public building they are terrorists? They were unarmed! )

Video: Twitter/Jayden X