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Freedom Rally  

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As we prepare our rally signs and we get ready to head to the capitol steps this Saturday 5/16 to meet up at noon and stand in solidarity with one another in our desire to remain a FREE society against a tyrant Governor. I wanted to share some reminders and asks from the capitol police so that we can all enjoy a peaceful day. 

To ensure we all stay within the law while we are expressing our right to protest please remember the capitol property has certain rules:

No dangerous weapons - including firearms - See code here

No wooden sticks on signs as they can be considered dangerous weapons - use cardboard gift wrap tubes, pool noodles, cardboard signs, etc instead.

They also ask that you advise those attending not to stop vehicles in the roadway for drop offs, leave the sidewalk open, and keep everyone out of the roadway throughout the rally.

We are looking at close to 80 degrees on Saturday so be sure to hydrate yourselves over the next day or so. 

We still have room for some additional people to speak if anyone would like to step up to the mic. We have Legislator Marshall Wilson Speaking last, former State Senator and current State Senator candidate Robert Karnes will also be speaking. We are hoping that Senator Randy Smith will be able to make it but it will depend on his work schedule. AG Patrick Morrisey, Michael Folk (the only legitimate choice for Governor in the upcoming race if you cherish freedom), and a couple other delegates have also been invited but we are awaiting confirmation.