Governor Justice IS a Bully

Have you noticed the current atmosphere in public? Have you noticed the increased hostility towards many have towards other people? The inclination that other people somehow have the right and even “duty” to tell random strangers what to do? Well, its all because the democratic elected Governor of West Virginia has, and continues to create that atmosphere.

Jim Justice knows his executive orders only have so much power and his mask mandate is not enforceable by the law. Heck he doesn’t even believe they work as witnessed by his decision to never wear one. Don’t believe me? Then make sure you watch the video of him showing you how to put one on . He’s been on TV every day and has not worn one going in or coming out or while inside the capital or in any other public photo until the day he unlawfully mandated citizens wear one. So, how else can he enforce a decision that was made to appease peoples fear? Because even the CDC says cloth and paper masks aren’t effective for preventing corona particles. (See image below). Well, Governor Justice took a lower road. He decided to encourage bullying. Its nothing new, he’s been doing since March. As if we didn’t already have enough civil unrest. As if people didn’t already have enough to worry about. Maybe uts the fact that only 679,169 out of 1.8 million West Virginia residents are employed right now, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Maybe its the fact that so many have lost their businesses, homes, families, lives as they knew them. The constant fear mongering and daily news conferences reminding them that one man is running a state that is suppose to be a democracy. Justice has constantly reverted to bullying in his daily free press. He has constantly placed a burden of enforcing his tyranical mandates in the citizens. He has split families in pieces due to his words. He has encouraged people to report people and business not complying with king Jim’s words. He has cause people to scream at strangers over differing beliefs. Last night I read about a family enjoying a local fare, dining outside, unmasked, you know, because its OUTSIDE and you have to be unmasked to consume food and drink. While they were enjoying this time with their young child, someone drove by and yelled at them to put their “f#@king mask on”! With a CHILD present. This is just one occasion. I’ve heard about employees at minimum wage jobs being tasked with enforcing corporate store policies and being called every name in the book. I’ve heard about people with legitimate health reasons that prohibit them from wearing a mask being chastised and put down and called murderers and insensitive. Now who is insensitive? Are you able to see someone’s breathing issue? No, most of the time you can’t. Yet Justice still continues to encourage his citizens to be divided and rat on each other. Report businesses so the un- elected dhhr or ABCA can go and shut them down. Ruining the livelihoods of many involved in those businesses. Or encourage bullying and civil fights between strangers because they do or don’t do what king justice says. Its insanity.

Who are the “experts” that Justice is using that says a paper mask stops corona? Why hasn’t he called a special session of legislature in yet so they can have a whole panel of experts that represent all the people of WV and legally make laws as we elected them to do? Why? Because Jim Justice is a bully! He will not give up his tyranical powers and will not put the citizens of WV first! He does it solely for selfish, greed and power driven reasons. He’s not protecting us, he is bullying you!

This was still on WV DHHR page as of 7/11.