Legislative Watch

Some bills to watch regarding your freedoms. If you see one we need to post on this alert page please let us know and we will add. Click each one to be taken to the link.

2021 Session

SB 8 – **Proposed Changes to Castle Doctrine – read closely **

SB-11 Declaring Work Stoppage by a Public Employee Unlawful

SB12 – Updating the Authority of Local Health Departments

SB19 – ** Designating DHHR social workers to promote school attendance and performance **

SB20 – Creating litigation practice license for social workers (The courts are overrun so we will just let social workers decide the fate of your child abuse allegations. WOW)

SB23 – Requiring county boards of education establish program for random drug testing of student drivers and student athletes (Drug Testing from 7th grade up for athletes and student drivers…of course with DHHR intervention for positive results).

SB25 – Requiring minors in possession of marijuana and their parents to attend classes on danger of marijuana By Senators Tarr, Phillips, and Woodrum

SB27 – Now Romano Wants to let voters register and vote during early walk in voting, because you know it’s not enough to have deadlines.

SB35 – Men you’ll want to pay particular attention to this as it’s all about Paternity. Requiring establishment of paternity before awarding DHHR benefits

SB37 – Prohibiting registered lobbyists from appointment to state legislative, executive, or judicial position for five years

SB42 – Legal Land Thieves at it again. They want to pass a law to allow them to take your property because it looks ugly to them. Creating Zombie Property Remediation Act of 2020

SB62 – Changing the Homestead Tax Income. The purpose of this bill is to change the qualifier for low income to 300 percent or less of the federal poverty guideline from one hundred and 50 percent or less of the federal poverty guideline for a senior citizens’ homestead tax credit.  

SB63 – Taxation with Representation. The purpose of this bill is to create Taxation With Representation Act whereby nonresidents of a municipality who work in that municipality and who pay user fees pursuant to a municipal ordinance may vote in municipal elections.

SB68 – Excise Tax on Tobacco Products – (I didn’t see them lowering our income taxes as they raise this though). The purpose of this bill is to increase the excise tax on cigarettes to $2.00 on each 20 cigarettes or in like ratio on any part thereof; and to increase the excise tax on sales of e-cigarette liquid at the rate of $1.00 per milliliter or fraction thereof, or if not sold, then at the same rate upon the use by the wholesaler or dealer.

More on Watch to post later