It’s time that WE the PEOPLE speak out to these people trying to censor your speech and disrespecting a standing POTUS like they are! For a sitting US Senator to disrespect any Commander in Chief should be an act of treason! No matter what your party affiliation is, you are elected to uphold the Constitution of the United States, Including the Declaration of Independence which includes the 1st Amendment!

Just because you don’t like what someone says, doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to say it. If there are legal consequences to their speech then that should be played out in our legal system, which is suppose to be INNOCENT until Proven Guilty.

Everyone of these congresspeople crying for censorship and resignations are acting as judge and jury on the very platforms they scream should shut down any opposing thoughts!

AMERICA, YOU MUST STOP THEM NOW! CALL THEM, EMAIL THEM, MESSAGE THEM, FAX THEM UNTIL THEIR OWN SERVERS AND PHONE LINES ARE FULL OF NOTHING BUT YOUR VOICES! STOP giving them your money! These congressmen and women own stock in these huge tech companies too, and this is one way they can’t ignore us!

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Contact Joe and let him HEAR YOU!

Use his contact form

His 4 different office locations and numbers are below as well. USE YOUR VOICE

While you are at it, reach out to twitter, facebook, Amazon, Alphabet (google owner), and Apple too!!! All the big tech trying to censor anyone that doesn’t fit the far left agenda! Big tech afraid of competition. Big tech that YOUR CONGRESS PEOPLE own stock in!!!


Google, Inc and Owner Alphabet Company

Apple Contact Info

Amazon Web Services – The Web Host Deleting the Parler Ap from the Worldwide Web Since Apple Store and Google Play Store could only remove them off of their ap services. Users would still be able to get the Parler ap from the web until Amazon decided to nix their web servers on 1/10/2021 at midnight.

Leave a Comment Below if you’ve reached out and taken action against these companies and representatives and share what else you’re doing to get your voice heard.

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