WV Sends $60,000 to National Governors Association

There’s actually an organization called the National Association of Governors. There’s a website that I encourage you to view. I guarantee you will understand where the information is coming from that you hear governor after governor repeating like a brainwashed cog. The current NGA chair is Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland. The vice chair is Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York.  Take a look at the list below to see who is on the Executive Committee (according to wikepedia)! The influence is just unreal.

Executive CommitteeCharlie Baker (R-MA)
Steve Bullock (D-MT)
Gary Herbert (R-UT)
Michelle Lujan Grisham (D-NM)
Jared Polis (D-CO)
Kim Reynolds (R-IA)
Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI)

Just a few excerpts from the NGA website to share why we are concerned about our state spending $60,000 annually on this organization. (Thanks to Michael Folk, gubernatorial candidate, for bringing this expenditure to our attention.)

Are we to discern that our Governors are incapable of identifying solutions on their own, based on their own state demographics, data, constitution, people and knowledge? Why would Governors look to legislators and let the legislators interview the experts needed to provide them with the proper knowledge to make the right laws for EVERYONE while ensuring our liberties and rights are not infringed upon. The emergency is long passed, there is no grounds for any emergency order now. You’ve given us the information we need, now WE THE PEOPLE can decide what we intend to do with that.

They have Calls to make sure all the governors are on the same page. Unfortunately ours chooses to be one of the sheep that goes along with the status quo instead of standing out and standing up like the South Dakota Governor does.


I will end this post with the following excerpt and link to the full document so you can read for yourself that there is no mention of the US Constitution, no mention of State Constitutions or laws, and no recommendation for these governors to call upon their lawmaking body rather than continue on tyrannical power trips. Furthermore, WHO are their EXPERTS? We keep hearing that word tossed around but they are never revealed. I mean in WV we had 1 Czar that was appointed as such by the Governor. There should have been a whole panel of experts, not just one person. There are so many sides to this situation and most aren’t even being considered. There should be several types of doctors on the panel, psychologists, children psychologist, pediatricians, immunologists, epidemiologist, etc. to make a diverse group of experts to get the absolute best information relayed to the people. The NGA seems to forget that decisions should first and foremost be tested by the constitutions of the US and each state; otherwise they are not for the good of the people.