American scientists from the University of Texas were able to create a smart mattress that allows a person to fall asleep and fall into a deep sleep faster than usual. In addition, this mattress can help cope with insomnia. It has been mentioned more than once in the

This mattress is equipped with special thermometers and sensors which cool the central parts of the body by regulating the temperature and warm the limbs and neck with a special pillow, thus stimulating the body to sleep.
One of the authors of the study of this phenomenon is really amazed at how the brain sends certain signals to the body to heat and cool certain parts of the body, causing it to speed up the onset of sleep.

In addition, such a mattress is able to provoke an even drop in blood pressure, thereby restoring the cardiovascular system.

Of course, there is still a long time before the introduction of such a mattress in wide use, and therefore you can take care of your sleep now, solving and preventing the following problems, which provoke unhealthy sleep:

respiratory insufficiency ;
heart failure;

And much more…