“If you Lose This Place You’ll Have Nowhere Else to Go”!

It is time! It is time for the freedom loving patriots to rise up, get organized and take our state back and our country back!!! It is time we shout at the too of our lungs until our governor calls our legislators back in for a special session. Then we don’t let up on them either. We shout until they hear that we are fed up! Then we shout to our national representatives! It’s time to stop worry about being politically correct. We are the majority, social media just stifles everything that promotes freedom! Are you tired of taking it yet? Are you ready to take actikn??? ITS TIME TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK AND SEND THESE SOCIALIST COMMUNIST POLITICIANS AND THOSE THAT FUND THEM, BACK to their cave! Be sure you are registered on the forum on this site because Facebook won’t let us share

Watch this amazing speech from a Cuban immigrant!