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Alaska has chosen the fattest bear

This is the second time this year’s winner has won the title reportedly from “Fat Bear Week is a traditional festival held at Katmai National Park in Alaska before the animals begin their winter hibernation. It originated in 2014… Continue Reading →

New Zealand: cow gas tax

Authorities of New Zealand have published a bill introducing a tax on natural gas emission of cattle on According to the government, the country will be the first in the world to take such measures to combat climate change…. Continue Reading →

An antibiotic against super bacteria has been synthesized

In mid-August in the popular science journal ACS Central Science and appeared a very interesting material in which researchers from the University of Illinois talk about a unique chemical compound that effectively suppresses the reproduction of bacteria resistant to… Continue Reading →

Scientists from America have managed to create a smart mattress for deep sleep

American scientists from the University of Texas were able to create a smart mattress that allows a person to fall asleep and fall into a deep sleep faster than usual. In addition, this mattress can help cope with insomnia. It… Continue Reading →

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